Academic formation program

The Academic formation program allows students to tackle biblical and theological studies accredited at the tertiary (university) level. These studies help students grow in the areas of knowledge, competence, character, within a community context. The various learning activities (subjects) are taught by qualified teachers and allow a well rounded educational experience fit for effective service. All our formation programs are in Italian. A B2 level of knowledge of the Italian language is required to enrol in our programs.
At IBEI, there are three modes of study in order to provide a biblical formation that matches the diversified needs of the students.

Residential School

The Residential program offers IBEI's highest level of preparation. It requires a full time commitment of one or three years at our headquarters in Rome. At the Residential school, one can either earn a Certificate of Theology (one year full time, 60 ECTS - accredited by the EEAA) ) or the Bachelor of Theology (three years full time, 180 ECTS - accredited by the EEAA) ).
The Bachelor of Theology offers a more thorough preparation, not only in the area of knowledge and academic skills, but also in ministerial competencies, in character formation and in community relationships.
For a detailed description of our academic programs, see the Prospetto informativo (only in italian).

Extension Schools

These Extension Schools take place in various cities in Italy and abroad. They are tailored for part-time students, and involve personal study with the use of the MOODLE platform, as well as two weekend intensives per learning activity that allow interaction with the teachers and other students. This mode of study allows students to maintain continuity with their local commitments (church, family, work).
The Extension School enables the students to obtain a Certificate of theology (60 ECTS - accredited by the EEAA) in about four years.

Distance Learning

The Distance Learning program was created to enable whoever desires to study but cannot attend classroom lectures to achieve his or her goals. This flexible program allows students to participate from any place in the world through our online classes. With the Cohort mode or with a more personalized study mode one can study in a online community or tailor his or her efforts for a more personal study rhythm.
The Distance Learning enables the students to obtain a Certificate of theology (60 ECTS - accredited by the EEAA) in four to six years.


Basic formation program

This program equips single believers or group of believers in local churches or parachurch ministries with tools to gain basic knowledge and skills in bible and theology. These tools are Seminar and Conferences, and the Emmaus-IBEI courses.
These non-academic formation programs are of various levels, and helpful to those who are seeking to know more of the Christian faith, for new believers, and for all who desire to dig deeper in some aspects of our faith.

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